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Qingdao Ornate Tyre Company was established in 2009.Sales volume was 6 million USD in the following year, and it reach to 13 million USD in 2012 by introducing TERRAMASTER brand Truck Tyre. The next year Volex brand OTR was introduced and we also invested mould of racing tyre with customer. Till that time sales volume rushed to 20 million USD. Then in latest 4 years, Double Coin,Haida and Benchmark were promoted in our sales netwrok, help sales volume to reach 25million USD.

2021 MID AUTUMN working day

Special years call for special sacrifices, we are still work hard on mid autumn day !! Making all efforts for client !

2021.9 Q3-Double coin meeting

What a fulfilling day meeting in Double Coin headquarter Shanghai. A big substantial growth of sales in 1st half of 2021 and we are expecting a continuous grow despite pandemic and Shipping.

Visiting Warrior factory

nice experience of visiting WARRIOR factory, this is Michelin invested in the construction of plant sure enough different! WARRIOR brand, to be NO.1 China passenger car tyre !